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By paying your deposit of 30% you agree with our cancellation policies. If you have any question don´t hesitate to contact us. +52 322 1099279


Terms and Conditions


Cancellations and Changes


Once you receive a confirmation your reservation is guaranteed. In order to maintain our commitment to all our guests, OCEANO ADVENTURE operates a strict cancellation policy:


Individual Reservations:

  • Require a deposit of 30% of the standard price to guarantee your activity.

  • Cash payment must to be in total and apply 5% discount

  • Balance must to be payed 24 hrs prior your activities if this payment is not landing your reservation will be open to other travelers.



  • 48 hours or more prior to excursion date -93% refund

  • 24 hours prior to excursion date – we will not accept changes or refunds.

  • 7 Days prior your activities we keep 7%, administrative expenses.

  • Cancellation or refunds must be requested in this email

  • Re-schedule 25% surcharge



No shows or late arrivals – no refund


There are no refunds given for reasons pertaining to sea -or weather conditions. Any weather-related cancellations are solely the responsibility of the nautical authority.


Tours & activities:

Oceano Adventure is a diving company, we operate daily subject to maritime authorities' approval. If any passenger arbitrarily deems the conditions unsuitable for sailing, it will be the passenger's responsibility, not Oceano Adventure's.

Your activity will be guaranteed when confirmed reservation. The final choice of dive, snorkel however is subject to sea -or weather conditions and intern organization and will be decided by the crew on the day of the activity.

Our locations cater to various skill levels. Advanced divers should book accordingly. Dives in national parks suit all levels; groups adjust to participants. For special skills, hire a private guide. Our professional Divemasters can tailor the experience to you.


In case of change of activity site, you´ll be taken to a spot with similar conditions adapted to your level of experience.


Our dive certification courses don´t include any specific destination. The final choice of dive site will be depending on conditions and programmation of tours.

Promotional activities, such as extra dives, must align with our calendar and organization, not solely the client's needs. Any client-requested changes will be considered additional activities and will be charged according to our standard rates.

Prices and Exchange Rates:


Prices are quoted in MX pesos, if you pay in US$ we use the our local rate, 15 MX$ pesos not google or other sources OCEANO ADVENTURES is not an exchange money business.


Oceano Adventures has the right to cancel the tour. Any costs made will be refund completely on the day of the tour.


Oceano Adventures does not take any responsibility for any access denied at the National Park Marietas Islands if dive certification can´t be proven.


Terms of use of material:


All used gear in any activity or rental is owned by Oceano Adventures.


Any damage or loss of material will be charged to the customer at buying-in price


There are no refunds given for reasons pertaining to weather conditions. cold water, poor visibility, surface surge, bumping sailing, we can´t control the ocean conditions.


Oceano Adventures has the right to cancel the tour. Any costs made will be refund completely.

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