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Sayulita: Where Adventure and Relaxation Meet

Exploring Mexico's Hidden Gem for the Active Traveler

Sayulita, a once-sleepy village on the Pacific coast of Mexico, has blossomed into an international tourist hotspot. This charming coastal town has preserved its unique Mexican essence while welcoming travelers from around the world. Sayulita offers an array of outdoor activities that cater to every adventurer's heart. From hiking and surfing to diving and rejuvenating spa treatments, Sayulita truly has it all.

Ride the Waves in Sayulita: Your Surfing Paradise Awaits

Discover Sayulita's Outdoor Adventures

A Playground for the Active Soul

Sayulita is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or simply want to soak up the sun, there's something here for you:

Discover Sayulita's Outdoor Adventures

  1. Surfing: Catch the waves at Sayulita's beautiful beaches, and if you're new to surfing, expert instructors can have you riding the waves in no time.

  2. Diving: Dive into the crystal-clear waters and explore the vibrant marine life with Dive Surf Center, a company founded by the experienced duo, Sebastian Briones and Manuel Rodriguez.

  3. Hiking: Explore the lush jungle surroundings on scenic hikes, offering breathtaking views of the coastline and the surrounding areas, including Punta de Mita, Bucerías, and Nuevo Vallarta.

  4. Paddle Boarding: Paddle along the tranquil waters, and if you're lucky, you might spot a few dolphins playing in the waves.


Dive Surf Center: Where Adventure and Mexican Charm Converge

Experience the Essence of Sayulita with Dive Surf Center

Dive Surf Center, born from a fusion of Sebastian Briones' decades of diving experience and Manuel Rodriguez's deep roots in Sayulita, encapsulates the essence of this charming village. Sebastian's expertise, including 30 years in diving, commercial diving, and business ventures, combines seamlessly with Manuel's local knowledge and love for Sayulita's culture.

Activities Beyond Compare

More than Just Diving and Surfing

Dive Surf Center goes beyond traditional diving and surfing. Immerse yourself in the Mexican way of life with:

  1. Resort and Dive School: Learn to dive or hone your skills with professional instruction. Dive Surf Center provides a holistic diving experience.

  2. Catering: Savor authentic Mexican flavors with their catering services, embracing the local culinary delights.

  3. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: For a dreamy relaxation experience, try their hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions.

Friends, Not Just Business

Connect with Like-Minded Travelers

At Dive Surf Center, you're not just a customer; you're among friends who share a passion for adventure and a zest for life. Dive into the vibrant Sayulita community, where the beach, surf, and beachfront bars are your backdrop for unforgettable memories.

Whether you're 18 or 60, male or female, Sayulita welcomes active travelers of all ages to experience the beach life like never before. Sayulita, with its surf, beachside bars, and diverse outdoor activities, invites you to embrace the Mexican beach lifestyle with open arms. Sayulita is where adventure and relaxation meet, creating an unforgettable experience for every traveler. Come and discover the magic of Sayulita for yourself.

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